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Your acceptance is based upon our capacity, which is limited to 500 organizations.

  • Benefits

    Fundraising with Rockdale Wreaths

    We will ship directly from Rockdale Farm to their door.

    We offer rewards to help increase your sales.

    Each drop shipped wreath is individually boxed for safe transit.

    Our program offers an easy way to ship gifts to others. More sales to more people means more profit.

    We ship anywhere in the 48 consecutive states.

    No confusion, we use online ordering to keep track of orders and money collection.

    The price is all inclusive - shipping and your profit are already in the price!

    Call NOW we can customize your program!


    Placing the order for a Rockdale Christmas Wreath is easy, just enter them online. We have our site ready for sending to multiple addresses and make changes without a hassle.

    We have blue for Hanukkah too!

    Please sign up for our Newsletter to be kept up-to-date on release dates!

Top Selling Products