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  • Rockdale Rewards *

    * Suggested as an insentive program!

    * $2.00 for the reward is part of your $9.00 earned.

    Motivating your group is vital.

    Your group is important and we like to make fundraising fun and worthwhile.

    More orders are taken, because our rewards are direct and easy to use. We suggest giving gift cards that make endless possibilities possible. The gift cards are for a number of athletic stores nationwide. They come in $20 denominations. Great for sports gear, camping gear and other excellent stuff!! Most companies offer the giftcards online or at the store. Group disounts may apply.

    Every wreath sold helps your group and brings more possibilities through our Rockdale Rewards.

    Call us NOW and we can help customize your program! 1-(877)-269-0152

    Please send me Information.

    Placing your rewards order is easy. After you place your wreath orders, you simply set aside $2.00 of the $9.00 for each wreath sold and then apply the sum earned by each order taker toward the card of your choice. We have our site ready for your group to place orders and get rewards without a hassle.

    We help make your project a success!

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Sell 5 wreaths and raise $35.00 for your group and get a $10.00 giftcard.