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Doggie Bonez
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Doggie Bonez   
Ang  Texas  12/14/2009

My parents are difficult to shop for. They absolutely adored this wreath (addressed to their dog)! Christmas success

Doggie Bonz   
Donna  Ashburn, Virginia  12/1/2007

The people I sent this wreath to love it! They say it is beautiful and smells wonderful!

My Puppies Gift   
Aleks  Delaware  10/4/2006

Last year my Mom watched my dogs while we were moving. It was a huge undertaking and my dogs had tons of fun because she lives on a lot of land so they could run and run. I sent the Doggie Bonez wreath to my Mom as a thank you gift from my puppies and my Mom thought the wreath was beautiful, she loved it! It stayed alive and healthy right into February hanging on her door. Great product, fantastic gift!