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Welcome to Rockdale Wreaths

It's time to make it easy!

  • Fundraiser Selling Tips

    1) Set a starting date and closing date for your fundraiser. Two weeks is an ideal time frame.

    2) Clearly define the reason and goals for your fundraiser.

    3) Assign volunteers to help run and administer the fundraiser, especially on the day the product arrives.

    4) Have each participant make a list of family and friends who may be interested in supporting your fundraising efforts.

    5) Promotion and word of mouth is key. Spread the word throughout the community

    6) Keep copies of all orders for your records.

    7) Triple check all monies and orders before calling in or sending your order.

    8) Rely on your Rockdale Wreath professional for suggestions and advice.

    9) Keep copies of all forms turned in by volunteers before sending them in to us.

    10) Keep your participants enthusistic & have fun!!

    We offer wholesale, discount promotions for fundraising.


    Placing the order is easy, just enter them online. We have our site ready for sending to multiple addresses and make changes without a hassle.

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