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Welcome to Rockdale Wreaths

Rockdale Wreaths Fundraising guide

An action packed guide to fundraising with wreaths.

  1. Fundraiser Planning
    1. Create a committee
      1. Goals of the event
      2. Money needed to achieve goals
      3. How to make it fun and exciting
        1. Enthusiasm
        2. Team work
        3. Prizes or awards
    2. Create 3 groups to handle 3 jobs.
        1. Communicating with the vendor -
          1. Getting and verifying order information
          2. Verifying money collected
          3. Putting order in a uploadable format -
            1. Tab delimited format
            2. Excel spreadsheet can be downloaded from site
        2. Organizing the sales force and sales materials
            1. Explain the goals to the group in terms of
              1. What needs to be accomplished per person
              2. What needs to be accomplished per group
              3. How to help each other achieve it.
              4. How it will help the cause
            2. Communicate ways to get more names and orders
                1. Make a list of names of people we know
                  1. Friends
                  2. Family
                  3. Family friends
                2. Go to companies in the area
                  1. Companies that have supported in the past
                  2. Companies in the community
                  3. Companies that families works for
              1. Organizing the distribution.
                1. Pick distribution methods
                2. Organize time and place
                3. Decide who will be doing what job.
                    1. Assembly, if required
                    2. Transportation, if required
                    3. Storage, if required .
  2. Creating Enthusiasm
    1. Be enthusiastic
    2. Makes me do something about it
    3. Helps me get others involved by infecting them with enthusiasm
    4. Gives me the energy to get through the difficult parts and the problems
    5. Lets me believe I can do it - or at least that it will be fun trying
      1. Show enthusiasm about your goal
      2. Show enthusiasm about the end result.
      3. Show enthusiasm about their part in accomplishing the goal.
      4. Show how their small part makes up the whole.
    6. What to do if they are falling short – Show enthusiasm
      1. Get each individual a partner – it's ok to have 3 in a group.
      2. Ask for help. It's ok to get help – in fact you should!
  3. Making a goal
    1. Make a goal that can be meet.
    2. Break it down into attainable parts
    3. Ask the group how many wreaths they will sell per person.
    4. Share ideas within the group.
    5. Create a reasonable deadline. – Not to far off.
  4. Drop shipping
    1. Benefits to the group
      1. Easiest way to deliver.
      2. One part to focus on –taking orders
      3. Easy way to verify if someone received their wreath – UPS tracking online
    2. Benefits to the customer
      1. They can send it as a gift
      2. They don't have to wrap it and ship it.
      3. They can put the greeting on the order.
  5. How to place an order to Rockdale Wreaths
    1. Create a user account – we can do that for you or help you do it.
    2. Put payment information on file or may as you go with Credit card
    3. Order information Buy Wreaths
      1. Requested deliver date
      2. Product name
      3. Complete address
      4. Phone number of delivery address
      5. To: From: and Special Message:

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