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Welcome to Rockdale Wreaths

Corporate Gift Guide

Picking Your Wreath

We can help you pick the type of wreath based on price and wreath style

  • Determine your price point
  • Determine your bow color
  • Pick your theme: Simple and Traditional or Spectacular

More About : Corporate Gift wreaths

Preparing Your List

Getting and verifying order information

  • You can enter them online or Ask about our uploadable Excel File
  • Excel spreadsheet can be downloaded from our site
  • Note : We need Tab delimited format
  • Verify names and addresses

Order Information

  • Determine Your shipdate based on you deivery date 3-6 days after ship date
  • Things you wil need
    • Product name
    • Complete address
    • Phone number of delivery address
    • To: From: and Special Message:
    • Credit card payment: American Express, Visa, or Mastercard

Placing Your Order

Place your Order ASAP - The sooner the better, though we can usually ship within a day of the order!

How to place an order to Rockdale Wreaths

Step 1 : Create a user account : We can do that for you or help you do it.

Step 2 : Make Sure you have proper payment info before entering orders.

Step 3 : Enter orders : Product Type, Complete addresses, Address phone numbers, To: From and Special Message

We offer wholesale, discount promotions for Corporate Gift.

Call Now : 1-(877)-269-0152

Placing the order is easy, just enter them online. We have our site ready for sending to multiple addresses and make changes without a hassle.

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