Wholesale Wreaths

Buying wreaths in wholesale or retail for any occasion is a complex job with the variety of indoor or outdoor wreaths available being extensive. There are wreaths for every occasion and every special holiday and season, be it Christmas decoration or Wedding or Housewarming or Valentine’s Day or Thanksgiving Day or Halloween. Wreaths are no longer made only of flowers or firs or twigs; they now incorporate pinecones, berries, eucalyptus, feathers, preserved fruits, chili peppers, herbs, garlic, birdseed, cinnamon sticks, wheat, corn etc. and may be single or double sided. They are also made of artificial materials like polyesters, mylar films, silk etc. The latter are not very desirable; they lower the value and quality of gift considerably. They are also not environment friendly. Dried flower wreaths are suitable only for indoor use, while some of the artificially made wreaths can be used both indoors and outdoors. Wreaths also come decorated with light bulbs that make them look attractive during night.

Buying wreaths in wholesale or in bulk for various occasions like fundraising campaigns can get discounted pricing. For example a purchase of 25 wreaths can lead to a discount of 10%. Some wreath makers have a minimum order quantity like 50 nos. Large purchases in quantities of 200 or more can get even higher discount. The price discounts become particularly significant as they increase the resultant profit of fundraising campaigns. These bulk orders should be placed directly with the manufacturers instead of retailers and can be done online through the internet or fax or mail ordered. There are a variety of sources for buying wreaths like holiday mail-order catalogs, websites like wreathdirectory.com etc. If the wreaths have to be sent different people as gift, free gift shipping is also provided when buying in bulk. The recipient names, addresses, and gift messages, can be sent to the supplier along with the order so that they will be directly shipped to the recipients.

Timing the bulk order placement for popular occasions like Christmas may be required as early orders may get better price and ensure timely delivery. Placing the order too close to the occasion may lead to shipment being delayed as the wreath makers may be overloaded with orders. The cost of a good wreath can easily vary from 20 dollars to 400 dollars or more depending on size, material used etc.

Before placing a bulk order free samples can be obtained for testing purposes. To test the quality and find out if it is new or used, lift the wreath up and look at the back to see how sturdily the materials are secured. The wreath should be neat, even and durable-looking. Shake the wreath gently to see if it sheds dried petals or other materials. Colors should be vivid and rich. Materials should be whole and never broken or shattered. The base can be made of various materials like grapevine, Styrofoam, straw, wire, etc. Choosing the right size of the wreath can be important particularly when gifting as too large or too small a size may not be well received by the recipients. They are usually listed by the diameter measurement of the finished product. The standard size varies from 12 to 36 inches and more. The shape can be round or square.

Careful packing of wreaths in gift boxes is important as they can be damaged easily by jostling during transportation. They can be packed securely by surrounding them with plastic packing peanuts or unbuttered, unsalted, unflavored popcorn.