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Christmas Door Sleigh Bells

Door sleigh bells are a unique tradition for some families during the Christmas season. A door sleigh bell is used to announce the arrival of someone. They are traditional in the way that you would image sleigh bells to look like. Door sleigh bells are simple, they have a leather strap with some bells on it and it is attached to usually a brass loop that fits easily around your doorknob.

Many door sleigh bells are sleigh bells that were used before on a horse, sleigh or something else. They were then made into a decorative door hanging. The sounds of sleigh bells bring many people happiness and joy. It tends to bring back fond childhood memories. The tradition of good will and harmony whenever good news arrives comes with the door sleigh bell's meaning. This has been the important meaning of door sleigh bells for centuries.

Door sleigh bells come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles that can fit any homes décor. You only need to decide what you are looking for and go get it. You can find red, rustic, tan, black and many more colors of door sleigh bells. If you were looking for a traditional one, I would recommend either black or tan for your door sleigh bell, but if you want one that is more in the spirit of the holiday, a red strap would be perfect. Many establishments now offer custom-made door sleigh bells for you to buy and readily use. Although, tradition dictates that fine hands who are expert in this craft would be the best idea to do when you want a specially made, hand crafted door sleigh bells.

Another aspect that you have to think about when purchasing any door sleigh bells, is the size of the bells as well as how many bells you want. The size of the bell will determine the sound the bells make and the number of bells will determine the look, style and loudness of the bells. I would recommend that you first test the different size bells to find the sound that you like the best before committing yourself to a purchase.

If you are purchasing your door sleigh bells online, you should first find out if they have a return policy if you do not like the sound of the bells and you should first go to a store and experiment with the different size bells to find a sound you do like. It will always be easier to make a purchase when you know what you want compared to if you do not know what you like.

Door sleigh bells are fun and very beautiful and can make any holiday season more festive and memorable. All the kids will love seeing the bells and playing with them. You can also make a nice story of how last year Rudolph lost his sleigh bells and your just hanging them up so he can find them when he comes back this year. It is great story and way to make the holiday just a little more special.


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